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Read the policy document 'Investing in Perspective' by Minister Kaag, which elaborates further on the focus countries.


Since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria (2011), Jordan has to deal with a large number of Syrian refugees. At present, there are officially some 650,000 Syrian refugees living in the country, which has a population of around 10 million people. The Jordanian government still provides good asylum facilities in partnership with the international community. At the same time, the influx of people has put considerable pressure on social services, particularly in education and health care. Due to the difficult situation in neighbouring countries, Jordanian exports to and through these countries have decreased.

The Netherlands is committed to reaching and supporting the vulnerable in Jordanian society. Dutch support reaches both refugees and host communities and mainly focuses on education and employment. The correct schooling is provided through primary and vocational education. We are trying to create jobs by investing in the private sector and agriculture. In this way, Jordanian society is being supported during this difficult period. Dutch expertise in the fields of agriculture and water management is also particularly useful in Jordan at the present time.

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Mercy Corps project with refugees and host communities to improve the quality of life

A major challenge in countries with many refugees is the relationship between refugees and the people who already live there, the so-called host communities. Refugees have been driven from their homes and have often experienced terrible ordeals. It is then difficult to start a new life in a new environment. The influx of refugees is also a challenge for host communities. Life is not easy for many host communities in Jordan, a country with high unemployment. In such situations, tension and conflicts can easily arise. To prevent this, Mercy Corps has brought refugees and host communities together and helped them to resolve conflicts in a sustainable way. Mercy Corps is also supporting these groups through training courses to increase their chances of finding work or set up their own small business. These activities contribute to a better economic situation for both refugees and host communities.

The Dutch efforts in Jordan were aimed at humanitarian aid, improving prospects for refugees and host communities and migration cooperation mainly. The results of this can be found at the thematic pages of Humanitarian aid and Prospects for refugees and host communities and migration cooperation.

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